Background materials

Here’s what the Columbus Education Commission is reading before its April 10 meeting. To see the materials from past subjects, click here.

Morning topics: Presentation on school safety and climate

  1. Gradual Disengagement: A Portrait of the 2008-09 Dropouts in the Baltimore City Schools – report by the Baltimore Education Research Consortium
  2. Overcoming the Poverty Challenge to Enable College and Career Readiness for All:  The Crucial Role of Student Supports – paper by the Johns Hopkins Univeristy Center for Social Organization of Schools
  3. Understanding the Role of a Comprehensive Learning Supports and School Climate in School Improvement – report from a regional meeting organized by the Ohio Department of Education and Educational Service Center of Central Ohio
  4. Robert Balfanz named “Champion of Change” by White House – post by Everyone Graduates Center
  5. States Use School Score Cards to Target Climate Problems – EdWeek article
  6. Which Columbus students are following the discipline rules, which are not – report by

Afternoon: Consideration of proposals (more to come April 26)

Background materials on past subjects

  1. State/federal policy and early childhood
  2. Defining success and technology
  3. Career readiness/business engagement and quality teachers/principals
  4. High-performing charter schools and neighborhoods
  5. Health/wellness and arts, sports and community engagement
  6. Leadership/accountability and private sector engagement

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