College/career readiness

What we know: Most jobs require some education beyond high school, so all students should be working on a path that leads to success in adult life. While 60 percent of jobs demand post-secondary credentials, only 48 percent of Ohioans have these skills.

Our mission: Every student should graduate ready to go to college, get a job, start a business or join the military. To make this possible, every high-school student should be able to earn a vocational certificate, earn at least 15 hours of college credit or enroll in a program that leads to an associate degree by age 20.

Our plan: We have recommended a range of specific actions in “Students with a purpose.” These are some of the core ideas:

  • Through partnerships with colleges or career technical programs every set of neighborhood schools should offer opportunities to earn credentials with market value and college credits. Students should be able to continue their work at the partnering institution.
  • Career pathways should be available, starting in ninth grade, that lead to internships and college degrees in fields where there is demand for skilled workers.
  • Students should have access to career planning tools that guide the coursework and certificates they will need.

Read this chapter to learn about all of the recommendations from the Columbus Education Commission.