Early childhood

What we know: Children who come to school ready are significantly more likely to succeed academically. But in Columbus, more than a third enter kindergarten unprepared.

Our mission: We will give children every chance to succeed by providing affordable pre-K education that will put them on the right path in life. By 2015, most children living in the Columbus City School District should have a high-quality pre-K experience. By 2020, this should be true for all children.

Our plan: We have recommended a range of specific actions in “Every Columbus child is kindergarten ready.” These are some of the core ideas:

  • We should expand access to high-quality pre-K programs by identifying dedicated funding sources, including local levies and funding from the state and federal governments.
  • Columbus City Schools and community nonprofits should work together to serve more children. Pre-K should be available to all 4-year-olds, with services available five days per week, 5.5 hours per day during the school year.
  • Teachers and programs should meet the standards set by Columbus City Schools to receive funding.
  • The community should create an Early Childhood Education Council, of which Columbus City Schools should be a member, to coordinate all programs, assessments and supports for pre-K children.

Read the “Every Columbus child is kindergarten ready” chapter to learn about all of the recommendations from the Columbus Education Commission.