“We should make measurable progress each year, for each goal, each child and each school.”

FutureReady-Section01_v1.inddThe FutureReady Columbus plan repeats this statement in every section, making clear that although all goals are to be met by 2025, there’s an urgent need to make immediate progress.

The Columbus Education Commission has delivered its full set of recommendations to Mayor Michael B. Coleman and City Council President Andrew J. Ginther, along with an implementation plan to make sure our community comes together to help all children succeed.

To read the entire report or any individual chapter of recommendations, please click on the links on the right side of this page. We’ve provided summaries — some key highlights — on this website as well as links to the report.


2 thoughts on “Overview

  1. I appreciate the opportunity to read in full the thinking and scope of this full report. I am eager to see in what ways the Mentoring Center, with its linkage to 40 local mentoring programs, and its researched, interactive trainings, and training skills, may be able to support the vital goals of the Columbus Education Commission. Certainly, that this effort succeeds is critical to the future growth of our community–as well as to the future of each student who gains his/her education through Columbus City Schools!

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