Educational technology

What we know: Children learn best when they master content at their own pace and in ways that fit their individual learning styles. Today, we have the technology to make that approach a reality, but some schools and neighborhood lack the tools they need.

Our mission: All students and teachers should have access to the technology they need, and online education should expand the options available in our schools and neighborhoods.

Our plan: We have recommended a range of specific actions in “State-of-the-art teaching tools, material and data.” These are some of the core ideas:

  • There should be 1 digital device available for each student in each classroom
  • A “digital layer” should be created throughout Columbus to connect learning in school, online and in the community
  • A new nonprofit or public organization should be created to ensure families and educators have the hardware, software and Internet access they need in school and in neighborhoods
  • Digital learning should be a part of the curriculum in every grade

Read this chapter to learn about all of the recommendations from the Columbus Education Commission.