Teachers and principals

What we know: Teachers are the most important factor in students’ progress, and principals are the key to assembling and retaining a team of quality teachers.

Our mission: Columbus should attract, develop and retain great teachers for every child and great principals for every school.

Our plan: We have recommended a range of specific actions in “Effective teachers and principals.” These are some of the core ideas:

  • Columbus City Schools principals should be given the power to lead, including choosing which teachers are assigned to their schools and deciding how best to use their budgets to pursue academic success.
  • The district should work with local human-resources professionals on an agressive campaign to recruit top teachers and principals, build a talent pool of future school leaders, and create programs to support them.
  • Teachers and principals will be evaluated based on student success and rewarded for helping kids learn.¬†Principals who can’t lead their schools to success should be replaced.

Read this chapter to learn about all of the recommendations from the Columbus Education Commission.